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About Me
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About Me

Hello, I’m Myrlande. I am a wife, mother, certified organic skincare formulator, and founder of Ekspresyon Naturel.

The word Ekspresyon is a Haitian Creole word which means ‘expression’ and our company name translates in English as Natural Expression.

I am passionate about all things related to natural skincare, hair care, health, and wellness, and I am committed to helping others to learn and understand the benefits of using nature’s ingredients in and on their skin.

I have studied and achieved diplomas in natural and organic skincare formulation with the award-winning and accredited school Formula Botanica. Education on natural ingredients has fine-tuned my skills and expanded my knowledge of skincare formulation and creativity. On top of that I am a very proud Haitian.

My Journey

My daughter has suffered from severe and painful eczema since the age of 2 months.  Her skin condition and the stress it caused her drew me into the world of natural skincare. After many years of being prescribed creams with varying levels of steroids, we were no closer to bringing my little one the relief that as a family we could all see she needed.

As a mother, I was determined to find alternative methods to overcome her issues and eventually turned to making my own plant-based creams. It has taken me years of researching, learning and testing different formulations to get her skin looking and feeling nourished and properly hydrated. The relief we felt as a family was nothing compared to the change in my little one as I watched her confidence grow each day as the pain and irritation subsided.

Other parents also noticed the change in my daughter and I advised them of what I was doing and was genuinely surprised at how many were going through similar issues with their children. I thought I could help, so provided them with my creams and they have kept coming back for more while telling others in the process and widening the circle.

Alongside the issues with my daughter, I’ve lived for sometime with my own skin issues that spurred me on to understand more about natural skincare. I suffered from hormonal acne for over 3 years as a result of two years of antibiotics linked to complications from major heart surgeries.

It is hard for a woman to feel confident when your skin isn’t where you want it to be.

I went through a period where I couldn’t bear looking into a mirror without tearing. I sometimes felt ashamed to leave the house. Furthermore, even when I did, my face was covered with makeup.

The irony is that the products I used to hide my scars, were exacerbating my condition, which in turn continued to deflate my self-confidence. To be clear, my distress was not about the perception of others but rather; it was about how I saw and felt about myself.

Everyone deserves to feel beautiful and happy with and in their own skin!

What I discovered on my journey, is that the foundation of what we need to maintain healthy skin and hair can be found in nature and does not need to compromise the way I want to look. The natural world provides a myriad of botanical ingredients that contain essential healing and nourishing properties for our bodies, both inside and out.

Healthy, beautifully nourished, glowing skin can be achieved without negatively impacting your health or the environment. It is my goal and passion to help people to grow confident and find love for their own appearance through our products and engagement with them.

Ekspresyon Naturel products are original formulations, lovingly handmade in small batches that can be wonderfully fragranced using the purest blend of naturally derived organic ingredients including, unrefined and cold processed butters as well as high-quality essential oils, and botanical herbs.

We source natural and sustainable raw materials that offer high performance and nourishing properties to tackle dry, sensitive, hyper pigmented skin. We take great care to ensure the resulting product will not only regenerate, but nourish, soothe, and protect skin while providing a luxurious pampering experience.